Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello everyone!
Wow! What a week. It was as very good week too! Well, I mean it had
its ups and downs of course, but that is mission life. You have to
look at the average. And although it was a good week, it was very
hard. But I learned so much this week and felt the Spirit so much that
there is no way this week couldn't be good.

Rather than do a weekly play by play I will just tell all the good/bad
stories from the week.:)

Contention in the home:
Okay. This happened last Monday. This shows that contention really is
a bad thing. It will drive the spirit away instantly. It doesn't
matter on the subject, or the reason. If you are contentious, the
Spirit is gone. Here is the story. So we were on our way home from the
East New York chapel last Preparation Day and we started having a fun
conversation. We were trying to convince Elder Brown Santa was real.
It was fun! But then I started to notice Elder Brown was getting
realllllly into the conversation, and actually thought that we thought
that Santa was real. But Elder Larson kept going. At this point I was
just laughing because at that point it was still fun and games. But
then Elder Larson started just trying to prove Elder Brown wrong and
get him to admit he was wrong. And at the point the Spirit just left.
The thing about Elder Larson is that he has spent 18 months of his
mission with Elder Brown, and Elder Brown in those 18 months has
probably never admitted he was wrong, even when he was. So sometimes,
Elder Larson who is a very quiet patient person gets really really
frustrated with him. So that is kinda what happened. The spirit just
dissapeared. It doesn't matter the topic, the Lord hates contention,
and will not support it in anyway. So please be careful. Now, of
course we can have discussions, and debates, but as soon as you turn
to anger, the Spirit will be gone, and no one can win the argument.

Departing Workshop!
Sister Provard is going home with Elder Brown, so she gave the
workshop in district meeting! It was super good, and she talked about
hope! It was very similar to the workshop that Sister Rice gave in the
MTC. It was so good! It filled me with a lot of hope! Hahahaha I'm so
funny. But it was great, because I had to interpret for the Workshop,
and I did awesome! The gift of tongues is so real, because there is no
way I could have done that without it. After, Elder Brown gave a high
five and said I have improved so much. So that was awesome! Woohoo!

Interpreting again!
I had to interpret for Institute on Wednesday. I was very very very
scared, because the last time I interpreted for Institute was a
totally nightmarish train wreck. So yeah. Naturally, I was not eager.
But I did good again! Talvin didn't even ask Elder Larson to clarify
what I was signing once! And after the lesson he said I had improved
so much! I was so happy, and so thankful I could have the spirit with
me to help me. Because he was definitely with me. No doubt about it.

These next few stories are all from Thursday.

Deep Clean: These are the words that strike the fear into the heart of
every child. Deep Clean. This is the thing that made it so I couldn't
go over to David Abbott's house to play (at least as fast as I wanted
to) It involves much grease, cleaner, and scrubbing. Well, things
definitely haven't changed. Except for the fact that I was excited to
clean. I literally cleaned the whole kitchen, did all the dishes, and
cleaned off the stove (that was realllllly nasty and greasy and gross.
And all the counters were oily and stuff. But not anymore! It took a
loooot of work, but I did it. And the whole living room was clean.
After that, I just felt this burden lift off my shoulders, one that I
didn't even know was there. I just felt so much happier. So I learned
something from deep cleaning that day. The Spirit will be more present
if you are living clean, both physically and spiritually. I felt so
much more happy! It was crazy how different the before and after felt!
You know when parents tell you you need to clean your room, and you're
like "Why?!? No one is going to be going in there!" Well, the real
reason is you need to clean your room so the spirit can dwell with
you. Parents don't always tell their kids that. But they should. I
think that will make the child/teenager understand the reason for
cleanliness much sooner in life, and you know, not when they get to
college/the mission and are trying to survive on their own. Just a
thought for all you parents that read this.

Study Study Study: So on Thursday, in addition to the 4 hours of Study
I get in the morning, I also got 3 hours that night. After Deep Clean.
Sometimes we are planning to go do lookups, and Elder Brown just
decides no. Can anyone say Trunky? Except he has been like that his
whole mission according to Elder Larson. Anyways. I got 7 hours of
study on Thursday, and could've gotten more if it wasn't for a nap
during and after language study... oops. 😬 but hey! It was still
awesome! And despite being frustrated for not going out and doing
anything, I had the best studies of my life I have ever had! So I am
happy! I learned so much. I read about Alma going to preach to the
Zoramites, and I was like THAT IS ME! Cause New York is the
reincarnation of Babylon haha. You have no idea haha:) So yeah! And
there was just so many things I read in Preach my Gospel that were so
good. Also, I have been studying the Book of Mormon with the Institute
Manual, which has really helped my studies. I will basically read a
passage, and then read whatever the Apostles have to say about it,
cause they usually give two or three quotes about it! It is so good!

Questions help study:
One of the reason this study was so good is because I went into it
with a question. And that has changed how I study. It is amazing.
10/10 doctors would recommend. I can't believe how much it has helped
to find something specific I want to change in my life, and then find
out how to change it from the scriptures. Its amazing.

Well, thats all the really important stories. But one more thing I
want to talk about

My language studies have improved so so so so much! oh my goodness! I
just got this determination on Friday to really learn the language, so
my language studies have gotten awesome! Also, on Saturday, we spent a
lot of time with Pedro, and I was able to practice what I have
learned. Also, he told us his whole life story pretty much. So that
was awesome! When Deaf people get talking, they WILL keep talking:) I
love it! My language has improved so much! I can't even describe to
y'all. It is awesome! :) I am so happy:)

SO yeah! That's my week! I miss you all! Have an awesome week and be
safe, and remember that Christ suffered for your sins so we could
return to Heavenly Father through great faith and righteousness:) I
love you all.

Elder Wright
"History has its eyes on you"

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