Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016

Hello everybody!
Wow. This week went by craaaazy fast. Time sorta just melted away. It was crazy. So lets do a daily rundown!! Yay
Tuesday: Lets start with a spiritual experience, shall we? My studies were really good on Tuesday. I was reading in the Isaiah chapters of 2 Nephi (you know, the place where we all get stuck, don't read for awhile, then go back to the beginning? Yeah) and here is the good part! I was actually understanding everything! It was awesome! I attribute this to the fact that I was marking a certain topic the whole time. In the MTC talk "The Character of Christ" (you can't watch it outside of the MTC. Sorry:)) Elder Bednar gives a suggestion. He says to go get a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon, choose a certain topic or Christlike attribute, and then mark it every time it comes up. Then when you finish that, start again with a different question/topic. By the time you're 70 you should have at least 50 (one for each year, but you can read faster if you want) on a shelf somewhere in your house. So that is what I've been doing! For this one, I have just been marking every time it says a name of Christ. (Only the name, because if I marked it with too much detail, every page would be completely red.) Those people who say we're not Christian have never read the Book of Mormon, because the Book of Mormon says a name of Christ literally every page. In fact, I don't think there isn't a page so far that has not said it. I really am getting such a love for the Book of Mormon. It is so amazing! Every time I read it I am just blown away by amazingness.

We had the last district meeting of the transfer on tuesday. Awwww tender. Actually, I wasn't super sad about it because most of our district is ASL missionaries who are definitely not being transferred, so it was like "See ya in a week" But it is very possible Sister Wuthrich will be transferred, so that is a bummer. 

Wednesday: Okay, I've decided my favorite days on the mission are Service Days. I love doing service so much. Our service days are Wednesday and Thursday, and it is awesome! This week we raised a cobblestone side walk. We had to bring like 20 wheelbarrows of sand up from the bottom of a big hill, so that was hard. But when you make it a race, it makes it way better! True-biz. Anyways, we worked really hard. It was awesome! Then we went to Institute to teach and interpret for Talvin. So Wednesday really isn't crazy. Oh I forgot! The best part of service is we always go get 2 Bros and drinks from 7-11 after! Best pizza in the world, hands down. I love it.

Thursday: Not much happened on thursday. We had service, then went to Buffalo Wild Wingz because it was Elder Garcia's last Service day. He goes home Monday, so that was sad. I like him. He is a fun guy, and a good missionary.

Friday: We went to a store called V.I.M to do Christmas shopping. This was kinda frustrating to me, because I thought we should've done this on our P-day, but we put it off, so we went today because we need time to send it home before Christmas. Then we went to go visit Karen and Byron, and Talvin was there too. We are really working on getting them sealed, so that is what we've been pushing. The only problem is that Karen works most Sundays, and its really hard for her to change her schedule. So that is frustrating for me, because Eternal Life totally trumps work in my opinion haha. But she has her agency. So we just need to be patient. It shall happen. We were at Karen and Byrons way to late,so we missed a lesson with Pedro. So that was frustrating. 

Another frustrating thing is that, because we have to skype most of our lessons, usually Elder Brown just does the lesson without me and Elder Larson. Or Elder Larson does it without me and Elder Brown. So I am getting frustrated with that because I want to participate, but I don't have oppurtunities, and Elder Brown is always telling me to practice whenever I can to learn the language, but then won't let me practice. So that is really really frustrating. So needless to say, Friday was not a very good day.

Saturday: Saturday was good. We had Zone Training Meeting, which was super spiritual. It was so good. Elder Garcia and Elder Hull gave their departing testimonies and stuff, so that was good. We also did a Mannequin Challenge (look at us being hip and trendy) And we had really really good workshops. So that was way awesome. Elder Garcia had us look at the story of Enos and the look back to our hardest wrestle with God, and then think of the good that came when it was over. It was awesome!

One frustrating thing. At Zone Training Meeting we had Accountability, which is when we look at our numbers from the transfer, and we were waaaaay below the belt on two of the three numbers. It was awful. So it kinda made me feel inadequate and stuff. So that was frustrating.

Sunday was Awesome! I was really really happy all day. I can't really explain why, but I was! It was so awesome. And Church was really good, and I talked with a bunch of the members, and I was just really happy! So that was awesome! Then after church (because we go to church in Manhattan) we went to go take a peek of the Rockefeller Christmas tree, so that was fun. The streets were sooooooooooo packed! It was insane! We basically had to crowd surf to get anywhere! But it was still fun. And it was snowing, and there was the christmas tree, so it was super magical! Also the Rockefeller center was lit up bright, so that was cool.

So yeah! that was my week! 

Language: The language is coming! I am getting a lot better at expressing my thoughts and saying what I want to say. Its hard because sometimes I literally just don't know how to say what I want to say. So that is frustrating. But I am getting a lot of encouragement from the members and other missionaries. So that is really good. Soon I'll be a pro! In a few months... but still!

Pitied is the hand that sins. Envied is the hand that paints. Honored is the hand that builds. Appreciated is the hand that helps. Respected is the hand that serves. Adored is the hand that saves--even the hand of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Redeemer of all mankind."  -Thomas S. Monson (Hands, October 1972)

There is my quote for the day! It is a good one! Actually, that whole talk is really good. Go read it! Be the hands that build, not the hands that tear down. Remember the hands that were pierced and bled for us. I love you all. Have a good week. Be safe, and remember that Christ lives. Amen.

Elder Wright
"History has its eyes on you"

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